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Radiant Micro-Peels
The micro-peel is the lightest of all chemical peels, designed to promote a smoother and softer appearance of the skin, improve complexion, decrease pore size, reduce skin discolorations and provide fine wrinkle reduction. Micro-peels are simple, safe, with the least risk of irritation and require no down time while often providing immediate and visible results.
Glow micro-peel
Glow is for all skin types . Freshen and revitalize. Includes double cleanse, peel, two serums, hydration masque, lip and eye treatment, sunscreen moisturizer.
Acne micro-peel

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Acne peel for oily skin type. Cleans clogged pores, resurface skin, heal and repair inflamed skin. Includes double cleanse, pore extraction, peel, two healing and repair serums, hydration masque, oil free moisturizing sunscreen.
Polish micro-peel
Polish good for all skin types. Polish and smooth skin for flawless finish. Includes double cleanse, micro bead polish, light peel, two serums, hydration masque, moisturizing sunscreen.
Ageless micro-peel
Ageless is for over 35+ skin, dry types. Rejuvenate and refresh, stimulates cells. Includes double cleanse, micro bead polish, peel, two anti aging serums, hydration masque, eye and lip treatment, moisturizing sunscreen. Recommend post peel kit.
Body micro peel
30 min – varies by body region
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