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Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a safe and effective way of improving and smoothing the texture of skin by removing damaged outer layers. “I recommend women over age 30 have a monthly micro peel, to slow and inhibit the aging process,” say Dr. Alex Sobel, Cosmetic Surgeon. “Chemical peels are the quickest , easiest and most affordable way to have flawless skin, it just takes a routine.”

Benefits of chemical peels:

Our customers typically experience these results from our chemical peels:

Dr. Dawn Hunter,DC LME overviews chemical peels, what they are, and how they work:

Chemical peels remove layers of dead skin cells that build-up (which deplete the skin of oxygen) by treating the asphyxiated skin. Your skin texture is refined, fine lines are diminished, and pigmentation is lifted and renewed, with little down time. Generally, no anesthesia is needed for peels since they cause only a slight stinging sensation during application. Protecting skin from the sun is important following a peel. In a consultation with Dr. Hunter,DC LME or our aesthetician, a treatment regimen is designed to identify the type of peel based on the condition of your skin and the desired result as well as available recovery time. Call 425-640-5900 for a complimentary consultation.