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Permanent Eyeliner
Permanent makeup eyeliner accents are bright colorful swipes placed alongside standard eyeliner. Accent colors may be used to match, contrast, or deepen color of eyes, or enhance flecks of color in the iris. Accents can be colorful tones like lavender, or light earthy tones like golden brown. The cosmetic tattoo eyeliner accent can be obvious, or like a light perfume, subtle. Permanent eyeliner is best suited for women:

  • Allergic to cosmetics, have skin that absorbs makeup, or their skin changes the quality and composition of their makeup.
  • Experiencing difficulty applying makeup due to poor vision or physical limitations.
  • Active lifestyle women, wanting time saving convenience.
  • No more smeared eyeliner makeup.
  • Athletic women desiring a clean look while exercising.

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Before previous permanent cosmetics from another practioner. Client was not happy with results
After corrective eyeliner with added lower liner. After photo is day of service.
Perement Eyeline Before - Seattle & Lynnwood Perement Eyeline After - Seattle & Lynnwood
Before After
Permanent Eyeliner After - Seattle and LynnwoodAfter


Before and After Upper eyeliner in Charcoal with Forrest deep green.

Permanent Eyeliner Before - Seattle and Lynnwood


Permanent eyeliner after - Seattle and Lynnwood


Permanent Eyeliner After - Seattle and Lynnwood


Permement Eyeliner After - Seattle and Lynnwood



Feathering technique combo top eyelash enhancement:
Before After


Eyebrows feather technique with eyelash enhancement line
Eyelash enhancement with feather brow technique Side view of enhancement with feather brow technique


Medium Thickness Eyeliner
Before After
Is eyeliner important to your appearance and self confidence? Does your eyeliner makeup smudge or wear off during the day? Do you have difficulty applying your eyeliner makeup straight, or even? Are you allergic to cosmetic products? Does your occupation require you to go makeup free? For those who answer yes, you can look beautiful with permanent eyeliner 24/7, with freedom from eye makeup
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