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The Best Permenent Makeup Treatments in Seattle and Lynnwood

Permanent Makeup – Seattle & Lynnwood

Permanent makeup or micropigmentation utilizes transdermal pigment placement (under the skin) for permanent color. Radiant MedSpa utilizes over 500 pigment colors to customize and achieve a natural look (regular medspas typically use around 200 pigment colors). Permanent make up is a great choice for:

  • Natural to Dramatic Options
  • Save Time On Morning Routine, No Reapplication in the Day
  • No Smudged Eyeliner
  • Eyebrows that Stay
  • Active Moms
  • Allergic to Cosmetics
  • Athletes and Sports Enthusiasts
  • Alopeica (Loss of Hair)
  • Hypopigmentation Problems
  • Scar Coverage
  • Areola Replacement

All treatments include a touch up within 90 days. Radiant MedSpa, located in Seattle and Lynnwood, uses a topical medical grade numbing cream and approved eye rim numbing agent, but please alert us if your allergic to Lidocaine. All services include a touch up if done within 90 days.

A recent customer wrote to us: “Dawn made my eyebrows look better than I ever thought they could be! She and her staff are wonderful and I am looking forward to getting more work done. Over the last several years I have had a number of permanent makeup procedures performed on me by a number of different permanent makeup practitioners with varied results. The procedures included eyebrows, eye liner, lips, scar cover up etc. Unfortunately much of the work I had done did not turn out well. I have had several correction attempts on my eyebrows with unfortunate results…UNTIL NOW. Thank God I met Dawn! I had read her bio several months before and finally decided to get a consultation from her. DAWN IS AMAZING! She clearly explained what the issues were and the correction needed. Dawn made my eyebrows look better than I ever thought they could be. I am so happy and plan to have more work done later this month. Thank you! Thank you!” – Shawna Tate

American Academy of Micropigmentation Permanent makeup procedures are performed by Dr. Dawn Hunter,DC LME a member of the American Academy of Micropigmentation, a master esthetician, an a former chiropractor. Dr. Hunter,DC LME also hold an art degree with a natural talent for color and design. Dawn Hunter


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Medical Micropigmentation:

In addition to those listed below, other permanent makeup procedures include hair replacement, hypopigmentation, and more.

Areola Re-pigment

Post surgical areola re-pigment and repair are offered with our micro pigmentation services. Customized pigment and sizing to replace surgically removed or scarred areola and nipple look can give you back a realistic looking full breast.

Permanent Scar Camouflage

Cover post cosmetic or other scars with micro pigmentation. Skin type matching for every skin type can cover any scar placement including hair lines, and bald spots.


Eyebrow design can dramatically change the look of the entire face. Utilizing permanent makeup for a perfect eyebrow can create a more youthful look and enhances facial beauty.

Eyebrow - before permenant makeup treatmentEyebrow - after permenant makeup treatment
Eyebrow - before permenant makeup treatmentEyebrow - after permenant makeup treatment

Enhancements for Eyebrows:

  • Soft smudge full creation
  • Soft smudge with brow
  • Feathering with brow
  • Beauty mark
  • Eyebrow revision and correction
  • Eyebrow touch-up

Eyeliner and Shadow – Permanent Makeup Solutions for Seattle & Lynnwood

Eyeliner and shadow technique are used to take the place of traditional daily make up application but can also be used for a variety of eye enhancing effects. From super natural to glamorous dramatic; any look can be done with permanent make up. Radiant MedSpa can perform permanent makeup procedures in either its Seattle or Lynnwood locations. Options include:

Eyelids by permanent makeup proceduresSeattle and Lynnwood Permenant Makeup Solustions for the eyelid

Enhancements for Eyeliner:

Dramatic upper Natural upper Eyelash enhancement upper Lower liner Eyeliner correction:

  • Natural eyelash enhancement
  • Full eyeliner, upper and lower
  • Top eyeliner with dramatic tail
  • Lower liner only
  • Liner with shadow smudge, natural or dramatic
  • Line with soft shadow color

Lip Liner and Enhancement

Full colored lips are youthful and sexy. Permanent make up enhances your natural lip size and fullness with permanent make up. Used to:

  • Line lips
  • Fill with soft or dramatic colors
  • Correct shaping
  • Enhance and fill volume for a pouty look
Liner with soft shade in

Liner with soft shade in

After lip liner and fill

After lip liner and fill

Full fill with liner in natural

Full fill with liner in natural

Liners, soft fill with pouty enhancement

Liners, soft fill with pouty enhancement

Enhancements for Lips:

  • Liner only
  • Liner and soft fill
  • Lip revision and correction



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